Contact:  Carl De meester

GEMEENTE ‘S-HERTOGENBOSCH is a municipal organization that provides financial support (social welfare benefits) and help people (between 18 and 65) to find work, solve their financial, social and personal problems, and motivate them through social activation and social participation.

For unemployed young people (from 16 to 27 years old), we have a team of specialized advisors / job trainers. They help these young unemployed people to find work, return to school or coordinate other matters (health, family, financial and/or personal circumstances).

Before these young customers can apply for a benefit, they have a compulsory waiting period of 4 weeks (1 month), in which they must prove with proof that they have done everything to avoid having to claim a benefit.

The work consultant monitors the 4 week waiting period and calls the youngster weekly. Young people have been informed of what is expected of them (rights and duties). Any problems or obstacles are discussed and addressed together with the work consultant. Customers remain responsible for their own actions.

As soon as young people receive a benefit, they are divided into 3 groups:

Gate: Coaching to work or school: This happens in the first 6 months after granting payment. The most intensive service takes place here.

Working on Work: start after 6 months Gate. less intensive and not tied to a specific period of guidance.

Activation: guidance for clients with greater medical, social, financial or psychological problems who are unable to work or follow one course

Young people are guided by work consultants both in a group and individually. The offer consists of personal branding through social media, searching for vacancies and learning social and employee skills. Individual sessions focus more on the personal obstacles and the progress of the client in the process. The ultimate goal is to lead young people back to work or school.